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 You know nothing of pressure equipment?

The pressure equipment devices generally work in state higher pressure gas pressure quyen.Ban were ignorant of pressure equipment? If not, please join us, find out!

With these new materials have a certificate of origin, standards compliant with the pressure equipment, submerged arc welding technology, ensure the fusion welds through 100%, inside was sandblasted, increase longevity when used steam pressure devices are the first choice for industrial production of this show.
The pressure equipment devices generally work in a high pressure state than atmospheric pressure.
Currently, according to the safety regulations, the device works with pressures from 0.7 kg / cm2 or more is regarded as the device under pressure.
According to Vietnam standard pressure equipment with higher working pressure of 0.7 kg / cm2 and volume of PV ≥ 200 (with P-pressure: in kg / cm2, and V-volume: measured in Liters ), the new must conduct examinations.
In industry, the pressure equipment mainly include two categories:
a) The air heating equipment, including vessels, such as tanks, xitec, tanks, compressed air containers; the pneumatic cylinders such as oxygen, acetylene, CO2, ...; LPG cylinders such as LPG gas bottles, gas cylinders NH3, Freon gas cylinders, ...; refrigerant pipes under pressure.
b) heating equipment, including the type of boiler and its parts, the steam Balong, autoclaves, evaporators, etc ... From heat to heat the device is in direct flame or smoke high temperatures in the boiler, or by solvent itself in it as in the autoclave and drying. Or use electricity as power boilers, medical autoclaves.
In fact, the boiler is considered an individual pressure devices (with separate standards for boilers), the remaining devices referred to as the pressure cylinders (with separate standards for pressure vessels) .
So in reality testing equipment such as pneumatic cylinders (compressors) and gas tanks of all kinds (Gas tank, tank Nitrogen, Argon tank ...), electric boilers, hot water boilers, boiler cook ... in the list of devices under pressure and equally charged based on a holding capacity of the device.
The technical inspection of pressure equipment must be made in the following situations: after installation, before being put into use, after carrying out renovation and major repairs; after equipment accident occurred , serious incidents and have already remedied; verification expires or before the deadline at the request of management facilities, using equipment, as required by state inspection agencies for labor.
Duration calibrated pressure equipment is due to direct auditors to test the decision, but the maximum is 03 years.