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 Maintenance Maintenance How boiler is correct method?

The process of preservation techniques will help ensure the boiler work stability, reliability and high performance. Here we are pleased to guide maintenance boiler maintenance.

Boiler Maintenance Maintenance is a necessary step to ensure the safety of boiler operation.
Boiler Maintenance Maintenance includes the following steps:
Clean the contact surfaces with a brush fire or use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust strong.
Wipe off the road Smoke: Check road and chimney smoke, clean the dust.
Clean the contact surface water: Remove the door to clean the oven, check the plumbing in the T button and Cross and float in the water column. Thereby wash all exposed surfaces of water.
Check oil drums: Check water accumulates in sediment and oil drums. Must keep bins full to avoid condensation in the summer.
Check the oil level in the hydraulic valve: If there is to repair leaks immediately tuc.Day is also an important step in maintaining the boiler maintenance
Check the hydraulic pipes: If there is corrosion on the inside at the country level, instead of new pipes and seals. With the boiler were suspended hydraulic pipes should be wrapped securely.
Replacement and installation of the whole safety valve: Use safety valves have been inspected in order to reset.
When the boiler operation on 1 January, it must examine the entire boiler 1 times.
During maintenance boiler maintenance needs attention if the fuel used is oil, it is necessary to check the status of the fuel pump. Fuel pump is worn, the annual inspection is an appropriate time to recover and replace.
Provides boiler pump, the filter must be restored. Details of worn pump supply must be replaced.
Ministry revoked condensation must be drained, cleaned: Check inside if possible. If a container has an additional valve, it must be overhauled and checked the correct operation.
Supply system must be discharged chemicals, wash water and recovered completely. Flow valve or pump must be restored during this period.
Tighten all wire first: All of the line must be checked himself; certainly, especially at the start of the relay and left.
Check the degasser or system provided: Check to ensure the device is not dirty, corroded and damaged or liner not fall off. Check mechanical equipment.
2.VE and maintenance MAINTENANCE BOILER
Asian. Toilet
Depending on the severity and extent of water use conventional boiler to be cleaned every 3 to 6 months / 1 time
Cleaning the inside of the furnace is done by chemical methods. combined with mechanical craft shop by sanitary plumbing and sanitary underbelly oven.
b. Maintenance Maintenance boiler
Fuel pump is worn, the annual inspection is an appropriate time to recover and replace.
When the boiler operation on 1 January, it must examine the entire boiler 1 times. Special attention valves, hydraulic tube, manometer, and the steam generator tube leak if there is not? Ash has accumulated at the bottom of the oven does not? credited with hammocks, fire not, the heat-resistant mortar have not been damaged, the furnace project has not burnt. if damaged to fix or replace.
From 3 ¸ 6 months of operation, they must stop the furnace boiler inspection comprehensive repair and hygiene combined boiler deposits.
The maintenance of boiler maintenance must be made by individuals and legal entities recognized state and must comply with standards and regulations on existing boilers.