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 Dust What is water, which acts like?

The objective of the dust filter water system is to create a safe atmosphere environment.

Water is filtered dust removal process dust particles from the air. The objective of the dust filter water system is to create a safe atmosphere environment.
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1. Introduction to Dust WATER
Cut small holes on the body of the chimney, put a water tank running around ... one engineer has successfully designed water purification systems from the flue dust.
Previously, coal-fired boiler plant is equipped with dry cyclone dedusting system. However, this system is only suitable for burning coal with less ash flying in. As coal prices rise, switching from burning coal to burning fuel sawdust, bagasse, the dust filter is not enough capacity, causing the fly ash more, pollute the environment, affect the life and health being of people around the area. Before demanding reality, they seek to study and design the dust filter membrane system uses water main to the boiler flue dust filter system.
Accordingly, at an altitude of 10.25 m, a small water tank installed chimney winding body. Meanwhile, relatives chimney is appropriate drilling small holes. A water supply pipe a constant for this tank, water from an injection through small holes in the inner membrane forming funnels water flowing out of the chimney perimeter.
In dust filtration system, the water will wash away the dust and just fly out the flue. Also from this height to the bottom, inside the chimney by a layer of granite paving to protect the steel shell of the chimney to avoid abrasion. Ash entrained water from the trunk of the bottom chimney is put into a tank lang.Sau the natural settling here, the water is reused, while ash used to produce organic fertilizer.
This solution overcome the drawbacks of dry dust filtration methods, and thoroughly treat the boiler fly ash dust surroundings.
We could vacuuming and convenience with telescopic suction 6m or 8m without heavy equipment to move from room to room through the staircase, just plug into the socket suction nozzle and turn on exhaust system Dust control system by radio remote. System Cleaner will start strong suction inlet without causing any major engine noise discomfort.
With water filter system dust emissions will not accumulate in the room because it was sucked out through the filters. This system is very important for people with asthma and allergies to dust, and they will feel immediately the difference compared with the conventional vacuum method.
The air filled with debris to be moved from the separate nozzle outlet to vacuum system through piping soundproofed.
Dust it was installed in the lower room. By applying special filtering techniques (split type cyclones) and use vertical filters, intake air is cleaned before being discharged ngoai.Ngoai out, can be installed vacuum tube connector Wall Vac -Pan behalf outlet nozzle to suck sweep waste.